Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back together again... How do I work this thing?

Well well well, look what we have here! It has been a long and lonely time without you. In one hand life has gone on, as if you never existed. In the other, life has felt more empty without you in my life every day. You do realise I am talking about you, dear blog, dear commentor, dear internet! How I have missed my lonely nights cowering over my computer keyboard typing some lame bullshit that when you read it back 5 years later it seems so self centred and annoying. How annoying am I? fucking annoying thats how much!

So a fair few of us lucky ones have found each other again. Igniting a fire of hope, joy, laughter and well, community is how I put it, of our past. We have been catching up on old times, trying to remember who everyone is and their website. Their screen names. The friendly banter you'd give each other. I have missed it. I have missed feeling like I belong somewhere.

Well, we can only wait and see if we continue this, or if it is just a fad that will fade out like it once did before. Mine faded out when our secret lives weren't special anymore. They weren't a secret. Everyone got the internet and everyone was on the internet! we weren't a few cool ones anymore. But hey! you look at us banning together now, we are still the cool ones! Pioneers of the e/n and the camgirl scene!